Enrol into The 9-5 ers Blueprint To A Simple Online Business Is Open

So you are a point now in life where you have found yourself sitting at your day job, day in day out frustrated at the lack of control you feel over your life.

And you know your dreams and goals are bigger than the company you are working for.


You’re wondering how in reality to actually grow an online business, grow an audience and get new customers whilst your still in your day job, but you are itching for way out to have that flexibility for you and your loved ones and..

You’re thinking.....

Time already seems in short supply with everyday that passes you feel like there is more and more to learn before you can even get going...

What if...

We could show you a simple way to grow your online business and move you from employee to the SHE-EO of your own successful business.

Good news is that WE CAN!

Because we know exactly what it takes which is why we have created our best work yet: The 9-5ers Blueprint To A Simple Online Business.

This is where we teach our proven framework for success to ensure you are able to amplify your current results within 3 months.

This programme has been designed to ensure you have a safe virtual space to do the work, receive the guidance and support in an incubator style setting which is high, vibe and has been created for ultimate business success.

We will show you and support you:

💥How to stand out to your ideal client in a crowded online marketplace

💥Systems, structure and organisation to ensure your business is running even when you can not be present all of the time

💥Business models that will focus on generating income

💥As a bonus, we will be personally supporting you throughout your journey in real time, answering any questions, providing tips and delivering LIVE teaches and Q&A implementation sessions.

Who is this for?

🔸Service and product based online female entrepreneurs
🔸those building a business alongside a 9-5

🔸those ready and willing to shift the fear and change the mindset from an employee to entrepreneur

🔸those ready to see results from an online business that truly lights them up

By the end of our programme, you will know exactly what to do to grow a sustainable online business.

You will have:

♦a tested and proven action plan to bring in paying customers
♦learn how to automate your business so you can leverage your time
♦generate massive momentum to set you up for success for the rest of the year
♦Life time access
♦ Expanded new business network
♦Access to our team and tools

Are you ready and willing to make that ultimate commitment to yourself.  To say YES to yourself and your dreams?

After all, the world is waiting for you to make your dream a thing, and you can’t do that if you’re trapped in someone else’s vision for your life.


Excellent - well, we guess the only next logical step is for you to sign up? 

About Us

About Grace Nelson and Charlotte Barrett

Grace and Charlotte Hosts

1 Less Stress Connect is a platform designed for entrepreneurs who wish to build successful businesses around employment, family or other commitments. Through our courses, we implement and teach our proven 4 part framework for business success designed especially for time poor entrepreneurs including home study offers, workbooks  and transformation group coaching offers.Grace and Charlotte started their business partnership in 2013, when they formed their first successful business: an events management company 1 Less Stress Ltd, which has since evolved into 1 Less Stress Connect. Both entrepreneurs have a wealth of experience in business complemented by their growing skills-set, passion and desire to helping other entrepreneurs reach their full potential by growing successful and profitable businesses too.Their adopted holistic approach incorporates all the additional challenges that come along with making the all-important shift from employee to entrepreneur, identifying ways to tackle certain skillset and mindset techniques required as well as granting access to our growing supportive networks where they can #ConnectCreateCollaborate with a great community.Grace and Charlotte's mantra for business growth is: "To be successful in business, you need to have your heart in your business and your business in your heart".

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